Lake Pleasant

Lake Pleasant has a surface area of 425 acres. We encourage you to bring your boats and jet skis for a weekend of fun. If you don't have a boat, we'll rent you one. We have row boats, canoes, and a paddle boat to choose from. If you bring your own motor (no larger than 5 hp), you can fasten it to the row boat for easier traveling. If boating isn't your style, you can relax on our sandy beach. There is a designated swimming area with a slide and platform for the kids to play on. From time to time we schedule events to take place on the beach like sand sculpturing contests and dances.

Just tell me about the fishing
We can't tell you where the hot spots on the lake are — we are sworn to secrecy. But we can tell you what kind of fish the fisherman have been catching: Bluegill, Crappie, and Bass, among others. Manapogo's general store always has night crawlers, leaf worms, red worms and bee moths in stock. You can also buy your fishing license there too.

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